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MRP Effortlessly Transforms And Helps Restore & Optimize You Back To Your Most Authentic And Empowered Self!

How Can MRP Help You?

MRP Is A Powerful Process That Helps You To:

Create A Success Mind Set Create Healthy Mature Relationships
Create Abundance Create Self Esteem & Self Confidence
End Self Sabotage End Procrastination
End Shyness End Self Neglecting Behaviors
Erase Negative Beliefs Erase Negative Memories
Overcome Fears Overcome Negative Habits
Build Leadership Confidence Build Public Speaking Confidence
Optimize Peak Performance Optimize Mental Functioning
Create Resilience To Stress Create Dating Self Confidence
Build Sexual Confidence Build Wellness & Health
Eliminate All Neediness Eliminate Negative Behaviors
Restore Personal Integrity Restore Self Trust & Courage
And Much, Much More!!!!  


 Here Is What People Are Saying About Nick Arrizza And

The Powerful Mind Resonance Process

Taking Your Life Back

By the age of 27 I had graduated from University, built a new house, gotten married, had children and started a new job.  I was living the dream, however, this momentary bliss was not to last.  After experiencing some problems at work, everything collapsed, I couldn’t get out of bed.  Having experienced a nervous breakdown I spent the next 25 years looking for a solution to the tremendous pain I was in.  I worked tirelessly to try and “sort myself out” through psychiatry, therapy and self- help, reading over 200 books.  Nothing worked much, I still found myself stuck in a darkness from which I could find no escape. Eventually I reached the point where after years of being in and out of the hospital I had to accept that I was manic-depressive and that this was the best I could do.  I accepted that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. 

Having surrendered to this situation I became aware, one day of deep feelings of unworthiness and it struck me to check Google “feelings of unworthiness”.  An article written by Nick Arrizza came up in the search.  I read what Nick had written and was instantly taken by the amount of truth, clarity and knowledge revealed in his writing.  I contacted Nick for a free session and can honestly say that this session, to my surprise, provided me a measure of relief from the inner turmoil  for the first time in my life.  I have continued to work with Nick and MRP for the last several years.  I have been off medication for years and now spend a great deal of time basking in my own inner light.  The memory of being manic-depressive now seems so distant it is truly like it never happened.  Nick and MRP have helped me to restore my life!  Thank-You Nick.

Rick Wellwood, Windsor, Ontario 

Express Your Authentic Empowered Self

I’ve worked with Nick for about a year.
I contacted him after reading one of his articles about how childhood trauma
can turn me into a frightened four-year-old when I was triggered by family situations
or similar triggers. That first session enabled me to erase that recurring trauma
and face two very difficult family situations.

To answer the questions that you’re probably asking (I know I did):
Does MRP work? YES
Does it really erase the trauma of the memory? YES
Does it give you the power to change your life? YES
Does it really work that fast? YES
And probably most importantly, is the change permanent? YES

I can’t imagine going back to the old me.
The changes I’ve made–and that I continue to make using MRP are
enabling me to live the life of joy and ease.
The power of living from an authentic self is amazing.

I encourage you to start your own journey back to your authentic self.


Self Awareness, Freedom & Empowerment

Hi, I’m a 22 year old college student studying business: 

Jan 24th 2014 is when we started, it’s April 2nd now, It’s been about 3 months. I’m just wowed. Amazing, Wow!

I’m amazed at how SIMPLE, yet POWERFUL, this process really is. It’s truly extraordinary, I swear it to the universe. 
The level of confidence (and AWARENESS) that I’m at right now compared to where I was a few months ago, unbelievable, unbelievable!
I keep getting closer and closer to invincibility and TRUTH! and it FEELS (yes I’M actually FEELING, not a numb robot like I used to be) AMAZING. 
I realized that life is all about feeling, if you’re not feeling, you’re not living. 
And you know what feels really good, BEING HONEST WITH MYSELF, that’s what feels really good. This process takes it to a whole different dimension. 
I have to warn you though, life and living, will never be the same after using this process. There is no going back! You might even make some fundamental life choices that will change the course of your future and life forever. You’ll be rising to a place of True Greatness and Aliveness. I warned you!

Restore Emotional And Physical Wellness 
MRP has helped me transform my life and mindset dramatically over the last few years. I used to be in a constant state of sadness, anger, fear, regret and shame about my choices in life and past events; this negativity created tension and muscular pain in my body for over two decades. Despite my constant efforts to find healing ( everything from  acupuncture, seminars, books, healers, exercise, rolfing, massage, yoga) nothing worked and the pain only persisted or got worse with time. Until I found MRP and began to release the negativity of the past, I had no hope of ever being pain free. Working with Nick Arrizza was different than anything else I had ever tried. I felt the layers of pain dissolve over time, I lost weight naturally, stopped binging emotionally, eventually the anger and sadness started to fade, and my creativity started to open up. I feel and look younger and I carry with me a sense of self love and self respect that I didn’t know I can create for myself. 
Batya. E


 Erase Negative Beliefs, Emotions & Memories Forever

MRP involves a teachable simple question and answer process that empowers you  to become more consciously aware of and permanently erase deeply buried false beliefs that anchor other limiting negative thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions and behaviors into one’s unconscious mind, body.

Clean Out Your Subconscious Mind Of Old Emotional Baggage

Without realizing it most individuals lives are restricted by a repertoire of subconsciously held limiting beliefs based on early pre-programmed life experiences that rob them of their Life Force Energy, their full capacity to be and feel alive, an experience of their true authentic and empowered self. These beliefs have what is called a negative magnetic polarity and by definition are life depleting in nature i.e. they siphon off one’s Life Force Energy from their mind and body thereby severely incapacitating them and their ability to fully manifest a successful and abundant life here. By doing so this negativity also is largely responsible for all the other negativity one experiences and draws (through the Law of Attraction) into their lives.

Strengthen Your Life Force Energy 

Life Force Energy is essentially the energy that gives your mind and body life, the capacity to function, their optimal structural integrity and their form.

It is also what is responsible for and imbued with many of the positive qualities many search for during their lives and often feel deficient in, i.e. self esteem, self confidence, self worth, inner peace, inner strength, resilience, energy, courage, a feeling of wellness, a focused and positive mind, the ability to discern, inner truth and knowing, a sense of purpose, passion for life, clarity, creative abilities, charisma, attractiveness, and so on. As one goes through their life here they experience limiting events that then become stored in the mind/body.

The imprints of these events create subconscious limiting beliefs that behave as what I call “Life Energy Parasites” that serve to deplete one’s Life Force Energy. This leaves one feeling deficient of all of the necessary positive qualities their Life Force Energy affords them. 

Empower Your Authentic Self 

Mind Resonance Process Life & Relationship Coaching takes the view that an individual is an empowered individual who simply has become unconscious and has forgotten who they are and what they are capable of. In that light there is nothing to “fix” rather MRP helps the individual into consciousness so that they can embrace the awareness of their true nature and live a fully authentic and empowered existence. MRP is a unique spiritually based process that has nothing to do with any other modality known on this planet. MRP makes an individual more conscious discerning and empowered authentic human being by helping them become free of any and all limiting subconscious programming and therefore able to fully express their buried creative potential.

MRP Helps Anyone To Delete Limiting Emotional Conditioning

Anyone of any age who can read and write can learn MRP. As MRP helps to erase any and all limiting programming stored in the mind/body and as all individuals carry such energy “parasites” within then any and all individuals can benefit from MRP.


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